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Mount Feast Hotel Naran values your privacy and is committed to protecting it. When you communicate with us, we welcome our visitors. While visiting our website or using any on-site services (such as online hotel booking Naran), this policy explains how each visitor collects the data. And how management will use it in providing high-quality service while also following strict guidelines set out within legislation regarding consumer rights.

How do We Collect User Information?

When you stay at Naran hotel, we want to know about you and your visit beforehand to personalize the user experience. We collect your information in many ways. When you stay with us, we can receive it through several channels:

This data helps create an immersive customer service environment where everyone feels valued.

Data using website

You can send us data when you:

Some information can be automatically collected when you interact with the Mount Feast hotel's website:

We may Save the User's Personal Information.

As previously noted, some of the data gathered may contain personal data. The personal information we collect is determined by how you interact with us, as indicated below.

Please keep in mind that if you choose not to disclose any personal information with us, we will not be able to provide you with the products and services you have requested.

About Children Data Policy

Visitors to our many sites and the hotel website provide us with a variety of personal information. Because the website is not designed for minors, we do not intentionally collect them.

Please seek the aid of a parent or adult if you are under the age of 16 and intend to use the Website of Mount Feast Hotel Naran.

Your Details are used in the Following Cases

In the following circumstances, we can use your personal information:

We can share Personal Data.

We may share your personal data with third parties to achieve the goals described in this Privacy Policy. We may also share the personal data of a user if the law requires it.

The following third parties may have access to your personal information:

How Well Do We Ensure the Security of your Personal Data?

We care about the security of your personal information, so we've taken steps to secure its integrity, safety, and availability. We also ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the data, such as employees, agents, and other third parties. They will only acquire personal data following our instructions and are subject to intense legal provisions.

We follow strict policies in place to deal with any suspected security breach, and we will inform you and any relevant authorities if we are legally compelled to do so. The security of data transport over the Internet, on the other hand, cannot be guaranteed.

How Long Would it Take to Keep the Data?

We will only keep the information as long as it is required to accomplish the objectives for which it was saved, for example, to meet any regulatory, financial, or disclosure requirements.

We may remove your identity from your data for statistical purposes (so that it can no longer be linked to you) in rare situations. We may exercise this permission without further notification to you.

You Have Legal Provisions

In some cases, the user has control over the data operations. The following are some of them:

Connections with Other Websites

Users can also find references to other websites on our website. These third-party websites wouldn't be under our supervision, and we are not responsible for their privacy settings.

After leaving our site, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of every website you visit.

Updated Privacy Policy

Anytime, we reserve the right to update, revise, or modify this policy. The most recent version can be found here.

Concern & Questions

Please contact us at the given email if you have any additional concerns about our Privacy Policy.

Contact Details:


Guest Testimonials

Discover the heartfelt experiences of our delighted guests at Mount Feast Hotel Naran. From our luxurious accommodations to our exceptional service, read firsthand testimonials that highlight why our hotel is the top choice for travelers seeking comfort and elegance in the heart of Naran. Let their stories inspire your next unforgettable stay with us.

Mr Atif Aslam

"The best hotel in Naran regarding cleanliness and courtesy. Beautiful clean rooms and friendly staff. The food was awesome as compared to other restaurants in Naran. Highly recommended to stay in Mount Feast."

Dr. Junaid Shahzad

"We stayed at the presidential suite. It was an amazing experience. The most important point was that the hotel followed all the required SoPs. The rooms were clean, they served fresh food, and had a friendly staff. Overall, I would definitely recommend the hotel to anyone looking for a comfortable and a relaxing stay in Naran.

Mr. Muhammad Aswad

"I stayed in Mount Feast Hotel in Naran it was an amazing experience, the Best environment, Friendly and cooperative staff, and the Best management overall. I highly recommend Mount Feast hotel for a stay in Naran."

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